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KPH zaprasza do udziału w rekrutacji na stanowisko International Programme Coordinator: ogłoszenie w języku angielskim

Job opportunity announcement

Kampania Przeciw Homofobii (KPH / Campaign Against Homophobia) located in Warsaw is seeking a permanent staff member for the position of an International Programme Coordinator. 

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Dane ogólne

Position: International Programme Coordinator.

Superior: Executive Director.

Workplace: Campaign Against Homophobia, Warsaw, Poland.


Aim of the position: providing smooth cooperation between partnering NGOs in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Croatia in the scope of a European Commission Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme funded project implementing the Directive (2012/29/EU).


– independent supervision over the project activities implemented by partnering organizations in Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Croatia, including:

– assuring financial and content reporting in accordance with the EC standards,

– documenting all project activities conducted by abovementioned partners,

– supervision over the level of implementation of project aims and objectives by the abovementioned partners,

– assuring a proper communication flow between partners,

– organizing and facilitating on-line and real life meetings with partners (i.a. evaluation meetings);

– cooperation with international stake-holders and NGOs in the scope of SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) motivated hate crimes in Europe; 

– cooperation and contact with international media in the abovementioned scope;

– cooperation with the National Programme Coordinator in Poland.


1.At least one year of experience in working in European Commission funded projects. 

2.Basic office equipment and computer skills (MS Office). 

3.Proficient use of English both verbal and in writing. 


– social and legal situation of LGBT persons in Central and Eastern Europe,

– specific issues related to SOGI motivated hate crimes;

– basic issues regarding the functioning of NGOs;

– requirements and conditions of implementing and reporting EC funded projects.


– good time management and organization of work;

– ability to exercise control and supervision;

– cooperation with other NGOs and public entities;

– team-work.


– openness to the values of the organization and will to implement them in everyday work; 

– conviction of the importance of both the problem the organization is dealing with and its’ vision and mission. 

Time of employment

The position is foreseen for 24 months with a possibility of an extension (01.01.2015 – 31.12.2016), full-time. 

We offer

A 2500 PLN net salary. 

An engaged team of co-workers providing work-related development in different areas of the organization’s work. 

Periodic skill assessment along with possibility to participate in both national and international trainings. 


All individuals participating in the recruitment process agree to have their personal data processed.

The KPH office is not suited for personals with disabilities. 

All questions regarding the recruitment should be directed to achaber@kph.org.pl with “Recruitment – question” as the title of the e-mail. 


The first stage of the recruitment process is conducted electronically. To apply please send:

1.a CV including information about previous positions held (please list all performed responsibilities and tasks that prove the required experience and competences), 

2.and a motivational letter

to praca@kph.org.pl before 30.11.2014, 23:59. Please include the title of the position you are applying for in the title of the e-mail.

We will contact selected candidates before December 3rd with an invitation for a job interview. Job interviews will be held until December 10th between 11:00 and 19:00. 

All applicants will be informed about their results before December 15th. 


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