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  • Photo of Mirosława Makuchowskia

    Mirosława Makuchowska


    In KPH since 2006. She started as a coordinator of the now-defunct local KPH branch in Wrocław. In 2009 she joined the KPH staff serving as Project Coordinator. That same year, Mirosława was elected Vice-President of the KPH Management Board and held this post for 6 years. In 2014 she assumed the position of Advocacy Director for a period of 4 years. In the years 2018 - 2023 she served as Deputy Director of KPH and Programme Manager. Mirosława was also a member of the KPH disciplinary court. Currently she holds the position of Managing Director.

  • Joanna Skonieczna, PhD

    Program Manager

    She joined the KPH team in 2018 as program coordinator for equal treatment in health and education. In 2022, she joined the team responsible for supporting the LGBT+ movement. In 2023, she took up the position of program manager. She is mainly responsible for the process of long-term planning of the organization's substantive activities.

  • Photo of Annamaria Linczowska

    Annamaria Linczowska

    Advocacy and Legal Action Coordinator

    In KPH since 2022 at the position of Advocacy and Legal Action Coordinator. Annamaria is a member of the association's programme staff, whose task is to implement KPH's strategy. She coordinates one of the key areas of activity in KPH, namely court proceedings. She is also on the team responsible for international political advocacy.

  • Photo of Dorota Jerzak

    Dorota Jerzak

    Office Coordinator

    Joined KPH in 2023 as the Office Coordinator. Member of the finance and administration team.

  • Agnieszka Gilska-Janus

    Manager of Finance and Administration

    Agnieszka Gilska-Janus joined the KPH team in 2023. She is responsible for financial matters, including budgeting, financial reporting, and grant management. With a background in economics and over a decade of experience working in executive offices of organizations of various sizes, she has been involved in the non-profit sector for several years.

  • Monika Weryszko

    PR and communications Manager

    She has worked for an employer branding agency, online portals, a career center and organizations dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and mental health issues. She has also worked with NGOs and the HoReCa and industrial sectors. She began her work with KPH by coordinating communications for the 2023 Equality Crowns, and is currently co-creating the PR and Communications Team.

  • Anna Stalmach

    PR and communications

    She started working with KPH in 2023, joining the PR and communications team. Among other things, she is responsible for the organization's social media. She has experience in marketing and communications of NGOs, companies and personal brands.

  • Olga Plesińska

    Project Coordinator

    Olga Plesińska joined KPH at the beginning of 2023. She coordinates the activities and communication of the Coalition for Equal Rights "Equality Watch", and other projects. She has experience in creating educational and marketing content for NGOs and improving the work of teams.

  • Magdalena Więch

    LGBT+ Movement Support Program Coordinator

    She joined the team in 2024 and holds the position of LGBT+ Movement Support Program Coordinator. She is a member of the program staff responsible for the implementation of KPH strategy. She is responsible i.e. for planning and implementing activities within the LGBT+ movement, strengthening connections between organizations, groups and entities creating the movement, as well as networking and strengthening ties with other movements in the area of social justice.

  • Jakub Lendzion

    Regranting Coordinator

    He started at KPH in 2011 as a volunteer, and a year later he started working in the legal team. In 2015, he joined the financial and administrative team, and in 2019-2023 he was the team manager. Since 2024, he has been a member of the movement support team, where he deals with regranting.

Management Board

  • Photo of Urszula Jakubowska

    Urszula Jakubowska

    Co-Chairperson of the Board

    Co-chairperson of the KPH board with extensive experience in working for the LGBT+ community in business environment. Member of employee networks for LGBT+ people since 2018. In the years 2020-2022 served as the Chairperson of the LGBT+ Employee Group in Citibank Europe PLC. Member of the Diversity and Inclusion group in ING Hubs Poland since 2022. Queer Studies graduate. After hours, a music enthusiast - for many years responsible for the choice of music on the KPH platform during the Warsaw Equality Parade.

  • Photo of Anna Maria Szymkowiak

    Anna Maria Szymkowiak

    Co-Chairperson of the Board

    Co-chairperson of the KPH Board. What distinguishes Anna Maria is her extensive experience in working in the third sector. She is the President and Founder of Fundacja Akceptacja, a lifeguard and social activist focused on supporting people in danger of social exclusion. Her vision is to build cooperation between various excluded communities based on mutual respect and support in order to lay solid ground for preventing discrimination, violence and injustice due to such factors as gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, addictions, homelessness or skin colour. She is serving her second term on KPH Management Board.

  • Photo of Marcin Rodzinka-Verhelle

    Marcin Rodzinka-Verhelle

    Secretary of the Board

    Member of the KPH Management Board where he holds the post of the secretary. His experience in managing a non-governmental organisation stems i.a. from working with KPH - this is his third term on the association's board. Marcin is a public health professional and a long-time employee of NGOs in Poland and abroad. He is also the author of many articles and materials regarding health needs and discrimination against LGBT+ people in health care. He worked for KPH for several years and was responsible for advocacy in the area of health of LGBT+ people. Earlier he ran Instytut Podkarpacki — a regional NGO aiming to activate civil society in his native Sub-Carpathian region. Currently employed in a European organisation representing the medical community in Brussels.

  • Photo of Agnieszka Kulikowska

    Agnieszka Kulikowska

    Treasurer of the Board

    Member of the KPH Board where she holds the position of Treasurer. Her management experience includes serving as a senior partner at Page Executive, an international company that recruits individuals for executive level positions and roles within local, regional and global management boards, which she helped introduce to the Polish market in 2014. Global Leader of the Diversity and Inclusivity Ambassador Network in Page Executive. Member of the local management board at Michael Page, the largest permanent placement company in Poland with which she has been cooperating for 15 years. For years, she has been involved in initiatives to improve diversity and inclusivity, women's leadership and LGBT+ rights in companies and corporations.

  • Photo of Dorota Stobiecka

    Dorota Stobiecka

    Member of the Board

    Member of the KPH Management Board with extensive experience in NGOs management which she gained i.a. as President of My, Rodzice – an association of mothers, fathers and allies of LGBTQIAP people. Dorota holds a degree in Polish studies from the University of Łódź. Equality activist, ally of the exuded. For several decades, she has been involved in informal education, ranging from ecological activities, through knowledge competitions in the field of humanities, to the organization of Polish-German youth exchange. This is her third term on the KPH Management Board.

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