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KPH is one of the most effective Polish organisations advocating for the LGBT+ community. Our goal is clear  – we want to make Poland a country of people enjoying equal rights, where respect and dignity are guaranteed to all regardless of their psychosexual orientation and gender identity. Join us - apply for KPH's matronage.


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Are you organising an event, publishing a book, running a workshop and looking for support in promoting your initiative? Read the rules governing granting matronage by KPH and fill in the application form. We can do more together!
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Rules governing granting matronage by KPH

1. The following entities can apply for KPH's matronage:

  • Non-government organisations, informal groups, companies and individuals.

2. What can be granted matronage by KPH?

  • Local, national and international events.
  • One-off and cyclical events.
  • Films, performances, concerts and radio plays.
  • Workshops and conferences.
  • Scientific and educational publications and literature.

All of the above will be hereinafter referred to as "events".

3. What cannot be granted matronage by KPH?

  • Events aimed at supporting political parties or groups.
  • Events whose sole purpose is financial gain.
  • Events whose organisation or content is discriminatory to any group in society, including ones that invite hate-speech using individuals to publicly express their views.
  • Educational events, particularly aimed at schoolchildren and teaching staff, whose hosts have insufficient background in anti-discrimination and LGBT+ issues.
  • Aid events whose organisers have insufficient competence in these activities and in anti-discrimination and LGBT+ issues.
  • Publications containing factual, stylistic, grammatical, spelling and other types of errors.

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