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KPH is one of the most effective Polish organisations advocating for the LGBT+ community. Our goal is clear  – we want to make Poland a country of people enjoying equal rights, where respect and dignity are guaranteed to all regardless of their psychosexual orientation and gender identity. Join us –  let others see that your company meets important social goals, is responsible and trustworthy.


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Areas of cooperation

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    Joint project

    Your company can carry out a project with us to support the LGBT+ community. Together we will work out what it will be about, who it will be aimed at and what form it will take.

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    Products and services

    One way your company can support KPH is by donating all or part of the proceeds from the sale of a certain product or service. This way your company can help us carry out activities that aim at improving the situation of LGBT+ people in Poland.

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    The most common method of aid chosen by companies is direct financial support. A donation made to KPH by your company will give us the opportunity to fund the activities promoting equal rights for LGBT+ people.

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    Sponsorship of the Crowns of Equality gala

    Gala Korony Równości (the Crowns of Equality gala) is an event organised by KPH, during which we present winners with awards considered to be the most prestigious distinction one can receive in Poland for advocacy for the LGBT+ people.

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    Matronage and partnerships

    KPH supports activities, events and works that are relevant to the LGBT community by granting matronage or entering into partnerships. If your company would like to benefit from such cooperation, you can do it here.

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