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Will the election results change the lives of LGBT+ people for the better?

The State Election Commission has announced the official election results – we know the composition of the Sejm and Senate for the next term. There is a chance to form a democratic coalition government that can bring the necessary changes and bring us closer to a Poland of equal rights and safety for LGBT+ people. Without this, we cannot speak of democracy. The democratic opposition so far, i.e. the Civic Coalition, the New Left and the Third Way won 248 seats (i.e. a parliamentary majority) in the Sejm, and the candidates and candidates from the so-called Senate Pact won 66 seats in the Senate (out of 100).

The Polish women and men elected not only to remove Pis from power, but a concrete vision of a Poland with a European and democratic. Poland in which women and LGBT+ people can feel safe and live in harmony with each other. We hope that the coalition’s promise is not just about winning over PiS, but about building a concrete vision of Poland based on paragraphs and legislation, the way laws are changed in democratic countries.

What changes do we think should be made first?

  • laws on civil partnerships and marriage equality,
  • amendment to the Penal Code: protection against hate speech and hate crimes,
  • implementation of EU Equality Directive: protection against discrimination, e.g. in services, social security, health care,
  • revision of the school curriculum in terms of equal treatment and antidiscrimination,
  • Gender Reconciliation Act, based on the principle of self-determination.

There is no democracy without LGBT+ equality – the government will hear this from us more than once.
We will be talking to politicians, negotiating and making sure LGBT+ rights are not missing from the coalition agreement.

@donaldtusk are you talking to Democratic party leaders about civil partnerships in the coalition agreement? Enough of just looking at the hands of politicians, we’re hoping for conversations, meetings, negotiations, the way politics is done in democratic states under the rule of law!


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