Join the Impossible Parade

So-called anti-LGBT resolutions are still in force in 32 municipalities across Poland. LGBT+ people cannot fully be themselves there. Especially for them we created a pride parade in another universe. Metaverse.

32 municipalities in Poland still remain LGBT-free zones. To show our support for all of their non-heteronormative inhabitants we have created Pride Parade in another universe for them. Metaverse.

For the past couple of years, nothing has changed in the Polish legislation that would bring the non-heteronormative people’s rights any closer to equality. According to the research carried out by KPH, 12% of the LGBT+ community (140 thousand out of 2 million) are planning to move out of Poland. A third of them mention the experience of discrimination due to belonging to the LGBT+ community as the reason for leaving.

In 2019, Polish local governments began to collectively pass resolutions that exclude non-heteronormative people from their local communities. The so-called anti-LGBT resolutions are still in force in dozens of municipalities and districts across the country.Non-heteronormative people cannot fully be themselves there. Especially for them we created the Pride Parade in another universe. Metaverse.

Through dozens of towns and villages, despite their discriminatory resolutions, on June 25th will pass a parade full of rainbows, smiles, and love.

The Impossible Parade, which is not possible in the current reality and in this shape.

This is the first event of its kind at Over the Reality – the only metaverse based on AR technology and geolocation, connecting the virtual and real worlds.

In Over the Reality, we acquired sites representing real addresses in all 32 LGBT-free zones in Poland. Thanks to this, we have been able to make real what has not yet happened.

We believe that equality marches will soon take place in those parts of Poland where there are currently shameful anti-LGBT laws. That is why we are asking you to support the Marching Cities Fund, which is working for future marches in places where they have not yet taken place.

In addition, we invite you to sign the petition created by the Foundation Akcja Demokracja (Action Democracy), which aims to introduce antidiscrimination legislative changes

Organized by KPH and 180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT equality marches in the metaverse, is a form of opposition to the discriminatory resolutions, and also an expression of support for LGBT+ people living there.

The campaign is a form of protest against the social exclusion of LGBT+ people.